Companies selling open source hardware/software

Two companies have incorporated the open source philosophy into their business models and are now providing products for neuroscience released under know open source licenses:

Sanworks: After the success and demand of PulsePal, Josh Sanders founded Sanworks, a company dedicated to providing systems for neuroscience research. A brief description on the company’s website follows:

Sanworks, L.L.C. develops automated systems for Neuroscience research, and streamlines access to them through an online assembly service. Our goal is to make Neuroscience tools open, affordable and accessible. We are especially focused on embedded systems for exploring the links between brain function and behavior.

Spike Gadgets: Also dedicated to providing systems for neuroscience, Spike Gadgets is focusing at electrophysiology systems and providing a complete solution with hardware and software. Although only their software is open source, this already opens doors to a lot of interesting customization/changes. A brief description from the company’s website:

SpikeGadgets is trying something new. Our hybrid approach is to design and sell powerful hardware that interfaces with an open-source software platform supported by a large community of scientists and developers. Our goal is to support the efforts of the open-source community in a commercially-sustainable way.

One of the founders, Mattias Karlsson, was kind enough to provide a brief description of their software, which can be found here.


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