intro to collaborators

A lot of this website was put together with the efforts of many different people, and in this page you can learn a bit about them!

Andre M Chagas

From Brazil, I've moved to Germany to study neurosciences. In 2010 I founded Open Neuroscience with the hope to make neurosciences more accessible across the globe.

Going deeper and deeper into the use of open source technologies for science and education, in 2013 I started a collaboration with TReND in Africa and in 2015 I became one of the editors of the Open source toolkit Channel of PLOS.

My latest project is Prometheus Science, a project dedicated to bringing open source scientific equipment to the masses. 

Agustín solano

I grew up in Salta (Argentina) and I studied Bioengineering at the National University of Entre Rios. After getting my degree I worked as hardware and firmware developer of a biological signals amplifier and six months later I started a PhD at the Physiology of Action Lab (School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires).

I study motor memories in humans under a visuomotor adaptation paradigm. Particularly I am working with sleep and memories (behavior and EEG during wakefulness and sleep). I am looking for indicators of learning during sleep for explicit and implicit tasks.

Gaspar Herrera

I was born and raised in Temuco, La Araucanía, southern Chile where I obtained a professional degree in Medical Technology with specialization in Clinical Bioanalysis from Universidad de la Frontera. After a few years of experience in my professional field I moved north, to the pacific shore in Valparaíso, Chile. Here I continued my professional work for 2 years, but in 2011 I decided to follow a research career and started working as a lab assistant in ion channel biophysics at the Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience of Valparaíso, hosted in the Universidad de Valparaíso. In 2013 I was accepted as a PhD student in Neuroscience at Universidad de Valparaíso and since then I have been learning by doing research in computational and theoretical neuroscience developing mathemical models of ion channels and neurons using open source software and high performance computing to seek for answers to long- and new- standing questions in pain physiology and thermal somatosensation. Also, I have been doing research on web technologies using a rented virtual private server, a hobby that I plan to end in a web dedicated to show everyone how easy is to do theoretical neuroscience research using the four threads of a laptop and open source software.

Jesús J. Ballesteros Carrasco, PhD

Born in Spain, where I completed my studies in Biology and obtained my PhD in Neuroscience. I've been working mainly within the hippocampal electrophysiology field, first on in vitro models and later on in vivo.

As postdoc in Germany, I gained deep experience with freely-behaving single photon imaging and field potential recordings. 

I'm about to start a new period working with non-human primates, at the MGH in Boston, MA.

Benjamin Paffhausen

Neuroscience PhD student at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. Working with honey bees’ behaviour and electrophysiology to investigate neuronal correlates of social behaviour. Involved in OpenHardware regarding collecting data with Arduinos and interacting with behaving insects. Instructor at several Open Science / Open Hardware workshops in South America and Africa.


Travis Jacobs

Travis completed his BSc in Neuroscience at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and his Master of Science by Research in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London. His work now focuses on blockchain, but he retains a strong interest in his fields of study, hoping to one day integrate them with the decentralized web.