Two interesting projects are bringing the open source philosophy into molecular biology:

The Open Biotechnology company, selling actual cell lines, PCR reagents, cloning vectors and other tools necessary for the molecular biologists. Different from other companies, they follow an open source philosophy, meaning that all the products they sell are fully documented, all production steps and materials used made available.  Because there are no proprietary and/or secret agents, they costs are greatly reduced, making their products cheaper, allowing more people access to it.
Also they have a Innovation scholarship program in regenerative medicine aimed at startup companies and DIY biologists. (Edit 10.09.2016 The website for this company can’t be found anymore).

The Reagent Project aims to upcycle reagents that are wasting away in lab fridges around the world. The idea is that researchers share their unused/ no longer necessary reagents with others that have samples but don’t have access to the reagents.

The Open Wetware wiki is a page dedicated to gathering information and know-how in biology and biological engineering. They provide a place to organize your own information, store labnotebooks and collaborate with other individuals. There is an article released in Nature (2008) about this project.

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